Q-Where is the workshop held?
A-Sugar Land airport.
Q-How often are workshops held?
A-2-4 per year with sufficient attendees (4-8).
Q-Can you help me if I have to fly before your next workshop?
A-Yes, we do one-on-one sessions upon request.
Q- How long will it take to cure my fear of flying?
A- For some folks the one day workshop is sufficient. For others flight simulator session(s), meeting with a clinical psychologist, gradual/repeated exposure to the aviation environment may require several weeks.
Q. Will I have to use an elevator for any aspect of the program?
A-No, we understand some folks have confinement issues. The Air Traffic Control facilities we visit are on the ground floor.
Q- Will the workshop cure my fear of flying?
A-For most yes, but there are always exceptions. Completing our workshop does not assure that you will be able to fly. 
Q. Is my deposit refundable?
A- If we cancel the scheduled workshop, your deposit is fully refundable.
Q-Is my airfare refundable?
A- No, but it can be used for your future flight with Southwest Airline.